Lamar Robillard


Untitled. 2018.

What is immediate in Lamar’s photography is intimacy, both in the environment his lens captures and the subjects that live in its space. "Above the Rim" is a prime example of this as part of his larger body of work to document his community in Flatbush, Brooklyn. In it, we are presented with two figures, one obscured and one gazing directly back at the viewer. It is in this gesture that we see a sense of relaxed confidence, one that can only be captured by someone with mutual respect and camaraderie. We are invited not just into the world of the subject alone, but in the relationship between the artist to his subjects, and the trust that lies between the two. It is a perspective that challenges viewers to question their own preconceived notions of the Black male gaze, not unlike the work of Roy DeCarava in his documentation of Harlem. 


Faith is what one has left when there is no food on the table to feed your children. 2019.


Untitled. 2018.

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